‘Windy City’ Named Most Welcoming of Whiskers

6/19/2019, noon | Updated on 6/19/2019, noon
Beards abound mile after magnificent mile in Chicago, which is why the city is a perennial player in the annual ...
Wahl hosted Mitchell Trubisky at its mobile barbershop during the Bears100 Celebration Weekend June 8, 2019. Trubisky’s beard trim kicked-off Wahl’s annual “Facial Hair Friendly Cities Tour.”

‘Windy City’ Named Most Welcoming of Whiskers

Beards abound mile after magnificent mile in Chicago, which is why the city is a perennial player in the annual ‘Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America’ according to a research study from men’s grooming leader Wahl.

In fact, the city’s rabid sports fans - and teams - are known for their facial hair prowess. This distinction, combined with Mitchell Trubisky’s quarterback beard pact last season, helped launch the city into the No.1 spot on this year’s rugged roster.

To celebrate Chicago’s newly minted moniker, Wahl kicked off its national ‘Facial Hair Friendly Cities Tour’ at the Bears100 Celebration Weekend June 8-9, 2019.

The gridiron grizzlies and their fans came out of hibernation to congregate, and stopped by Wahl’s giant 30-foot Mobile Barbershop to tame their face fur.

In addition to offering FREE mustache and beard trims, Wahl hosted Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky at the barbershop on Saturday, June 8, 2019. Trubisky took his turn in the barber chair, and engaged with fans in some fun facial hair activities.

“General beard buzz on social media dictates the results of our annual study — now in its sixth year; however, with facial hair so rooted in sports, it’s no surprise chatter about the Bears influenced the results this year,” said Steven Yde, division vice president for Wahl.

“In fact, the stars really aligned this time around. Like the Chicago Bears, Wahl is also celebrating 100 years, making our presence at the Bears100 Celebration Weekend even more profound.”

Bears Helped Chicago Earn

Beard Bragging Rights

Chicago’s climb up the facial hair food chain is well earned; especially since it narrowly missed the top honor last year — coming in at No. 2 after Philadelphia. One reason for the city’s jump could be attributed to the success of the Chicago Bears last season.

With one of the biggest fan bases around, the wave of whiskered sentiment on social media was inevitable when Trubisky proved he can beard with the best of them. Like many other Bears brethren before him, Trubisky’s facial hair was with him when he helped the team clinch the NFC North title for the first time in nearly a decade.

“Last season was my first time having a beard; it started out as a pact among the quarterbacks and coaches,” said Trubisky. “I had faith we would make it to the playoffs, so I started my playoff beard a little early — and it paid off.”

Trubisky further explained, “While some guys grow beards to intimidate, for me it was about exuding confidence.”

According to research, Trubisky’s approach stands up. In 2014 Wahl partnered with STATS, the world’s leading sports analytics company. They analyzed fantasy football data to prove that pro football players with facial hair performed better than their clean-shaven counterparts. In fact, 86 percent of scruffy signal callers averaged at least 20 fantasy points per game compared to only 56 percent of clean-shaven quarterbacks. Facial hair also impacted quarterbacks’ ability to avoid the rush and gain yards on the ground. Among the top 10 rushing quarterbacks, seven rocked healthy stubble.